Spider-man: Big Time: The Complete Collection Volume 4 PDF

Spider-man: Big Time: The Complete Collection Volume 4 PDF the link for more information. Spider-Man premiered in the Philippines on April 30, 2002, and had its general release in the United States on May 3 of that year. It received generally favorable reviews from film critics, praising its action and romance moments, visual effects, score, direction, heartfelt positive messages, and performances. 2002’s third-highest-grossing film and became the seventh-highest-grossing film of all time.

Författare: Dan Slott.

High-school senior Peter Parker, an orphan, lives with his aunt May and his uncle Ben. Meanwhile, Norman struggles to impress U. Slocum reveals that they are only interested in a chemical performance enhancer with the potential to amplify physical prowess. Stromm, highlights side effects and recommends returning to early development. Throughout the next day, Peter discovers his new abilities, such as superhuman speed, strength, reflexes, a heightened ability to sense danger and webbing through spinnerets in his forearms. Ignoring Ben’s advice that „With great power comes great responsibility“, Peter participates in an underground fighting tournament, hoping to buy a car to impress Mary Jane.

Meanwhile, Norman interrupts a military experiment by Quest, using a weaponized glider from Oscorp to kill several QUEST scientists and Slocum. Learning that Oscorp’s board members plan to sell the company to Quest, Norman assassinates them at the World Unity Festival in Times Square. Peter, as Spider-Man, arrives and battles Norman, managing to force him to escape and save members of the crowd and Mary Jane. At Thanksgiving dinner, May invites Mary Jane, Harry, and Norman. Norman notices Peter’s injury, realizing his identity, and later attacks and hospitalizes May.

Mary Jane admits she is infatuated with Spider-Man, who has rescued her twice, and asks Peter whether Spider-Man ever asked about her. Harry, who is dating Mary Jane, arrives and presumes she has feelings for Peter after seeing them hold hands. Norman holds Mary Jane and a Roosevelt Island cable car full of children hostage at the Queensboro Bridge. He forces Peter to choose who to save before dropping them. Peter manages to save both Mary Jane and the tram car, while Norman is pelted by bystanders who defend Spider-Man as a fellow New Yorker. At Norman’s funeral, Harry vows revenge on Spider-Man, deeming him responsible for Norman’s death, while confiding that Peter is the only family he has left. Mary Jane confesses to Peter that she is in love with him.

However, Peter feels that he must protect her from the unwanted attention of his enemies. He hides his true feelings and tells Mary Jane that they can only be friends. As Peter leaves, he recalls Ben’s words and accepts his new responsibility as a superhero. I felt like I was an outsider. I think what happened to me made me develop this street sense of watching people and working out what made them tick, wondering whether I could trust them or not. Tobey Maguire on identifying with Peter Parker.

Born in 1984, Peter is an academically brilliant but socially inept student who is bitten by a genetically modified spider and gains spider-like abilities. The CEO of Oscorp who tests an unstable strength enhancer on himself and becomes the insane and powerful Green Goblin. Unaware of Spider-Man’s true identity, he also sees himself as a father figure for Peter, ignoring his own son, Harry. Dafoe was cast as Osborn in November 2000. The girl whom Peter Parker has developed a crush since he was six years old. Mary Jane has an abusive father, and aspires to become an actress, but becomes a waitress at a run down diner, a fact she hides from her boyfriend Harry. Before Raimi cast Dunst, he had expressed his interest in casting Alicia Witt.

James Franco as Harry Osborn: Peter’s best friend and flatmate. Before being cast as Harry, Franco had screen tested for Spider-Man himself. Cliff Robertson as Ben Parker: May Parker’s husband and Peter’s uncle, a fired electrician who is trying to find a new job. He is killed by a carjacker whom Peter failed to stop, and leaves Peter with the message, „With great power comes great responsibility. Rosemary Harris as May Parker: Ben Parker’s wife and Peter’s aunt. May is a devout Christian who is highly aware of Peter’s love for Mary Jane.