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This article possibly contains original research. This is a list of major characters from the animated television series Xiaolin Showdown and its sequel Xiaolin Chronicles. Main characters are listed in order of appearance, whereas secondary characters are thelisted alphabetically. Omi is the Xiaolin Dragon of Water and as such possesses the ability to manipulate water in all forms. His element represents how he can be calm like a serene pond or raging like a disastrous tsunami.

In the first two seasons, Omi’s aura is blue, and in the third season, the aura changes to silver. Xiaolin Dragon of Wind from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and can control everything air related, like summoning gale-force winds and enabling himself to fly. He is a sharp, quick-witted kid, and the jester of the team. In the first two seasons, Raimundo’s aura is silver, and in the third season, the aura changes to blue.

Kimiko is the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire and has the power to create and control said element. She is usually seen wearing street style or high fashion from Japan. Texan cowboy through and through and the Xiaolin Dragon of Earth, allowing him to cause earthquakes and fissures in the ground and give him enhanced strength. Ping Pong resembles Omi but younger and wears big green glasses. He is the fifth monk chosen at the Xiaoin Temple as the Xiaolin Dragon of the Wood element.

In the second series, Dojo was recolored to being a yellow Chinese dragon. Jack is actually rather the secondary antagonist to Wuya as the „true“ villain of the season. The „Jack-Bots“ are standard model robots built by Jack Spicer. The basic models have flight capability. The weapons include lasers and rotating blades. Jack creates customized versions for specific missions, such as bubble-bots, koi-bots and worm-bots. Jack upgrades these robots, making them indestructible.

She served as the main antagonist of the first series and the principle antagonist against the entire Xiaolin side. In Xiaolin Chronicles, it was revealed she was later trapped in a slink trap, and reverted to her ghost form. Jack releases her once again and they team up to find more Shen Gong Wu. Throughout the first two seasons, she and Jack are shown going to Villain’s Therapy with Tubbimura’s Chihuahua, Muffin Face. She later is revived to her human form because of an alliance with Shadow.

Xiaolin Warrior and a near Xiaolin Dragon until Hannibal Roy Bean came along. Chase serves as the main antagonist of the second half of season two after his introduction as the „true“ villain of the season. Chase has a major ego and usually looks up to himself a bit too much. In his time, Chase has defeated many warriors, such as Vikings, cavemen, and others. When Chase defeats someone he turns them into jungle cats who do whatever he says. Chase hates most people like Jack Spicer, Hannibal, and especially Master Monk Guan who is the only person who has ever defeated Chase aside from Wuya and Hannibal.

In an alternate timeline or parallel universe that Omi created by stopping Hannibal from turning Chase to evil, Chase Young was good and Master Monk Guan was turned evil by Hannibal Roy Bean. Chase Young were captured, and Chase Young knew that the only way they could escape is if he drinks the Lao Mang Lone Soup that was meant for him in the past if Omi hadn’t changed the past. He drinks it and becomes evil once again. In Xiaolin Chronicles, Chase Young has gained an ally in Shadow. He still plans on destroying the Xiaolin, destroying the temple in the process.

He and Shadow attempt to plunge the world into darkness, even after Shadow’s betrayal. Chase eventually finds the Xiaolin Dragon Chi in the Shanga World, absorbing all the chi of deceased Xiaolin dragons. She is a dark spy who works for Chase Young. When the Xiaolin monks first met her, she was revealed as a normal girl named Willow. She and Ping Pong competed for the Xiaolin Apprentice top spot, as well as for Omi’s attention.

Southern accent, but is one of the most dangerous and evil forces in the universe. He served as one of the major antagonists in season 3. His messenger is the Ying-Ying Bird, mistakenly thought to be the Bird of Paradise by Jack Spicer. His possibly primary Shen Gong Wu is the Moby Morpher, using it to grow larger or gain extra limbs.

Without it, he can be seen wearing a large evil looking suit of armor. Hannibal hates Chase Young, on the grounds Chase locked him in the Ying-Yang World almost immediately after Hannibal had turned Chase evil. Hannibal doesn’t appear in Xiaolin Chronicles. The Ying-Ying Bird is Hannibal Roy Bean’s means of transportation and his messenger. While the others call him The Ying-Ying Bird, Hannibal calls him Ying-Ying and he seems to prefer that.