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So, 100 Things to Do in Savannah Before You Die PDF think you want a reptile? I frequently get letters and phone calls from parents whose kids, and adults whose partners or spouses, want a reptile. With most reptiles, we are attempting to keep an animal with very specific environmental and dietary needs in an environment very much unlike its native habitat. Owners must spend a great deal of time-and money-working to keep their reptile’s enclosure warm enough or cool enough, and dry enough or humid enough, or the reptile will sicken and die.

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What works to provide the right temperatures and humidity during the summer may not be enough during the winter. Whether the child is six or sixteen, most lose interest in their reptile after the initial thrill has worn off. This is true of many adults, especially those who acquire reptiles that are more work than they bargained for. The cooler-looking the reptile, the more it is likely to cost you, in time and money and space, to set up properly, quite apart from the cost of the reptile itself.

The trick for a parent who is working to get their child redirected to a more appropriate reptile is to learn as much as possible about the suitable reptiles. Richard O’Barry, founder of the Dolphin Project, has said „Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as important to the child as it is the caterpillar. Teaching your child why she can’t have that lizard or frog or snake is just as important to you and the child as it is to the animal itself. Keeping animals of any sort is a major responsibility. As discussed in the Finding A Reptile Vet article, not all vets are knowledgeable about reptile medicine. If you cannot find a reptile vet in your area, be prepared to widen your search, geographically.

Unfortunately, just as there are no laws mandating that pet stores must know anything about the animals they sell, there is no law mandating that pet stores sell only those species for whom there are competent vets in the area who can examine and treat them. You have successfully dealt with the above factors and have decided that a reptile will be suitable for your family. But, which one is best for you? Reptiles are not all alike and, as prospective owners, we need to understand some things about ourselves before we can even think about what reptile to get. How much money can you spend? Remember that the cost of the reptile is generally the cheapest part of getting a reptile. How much room can you spare for an enclosure?

One of the most common mistakes is that people buy enclosures that are too small. While the enclosure may fit the animal at the time of purchase, reptiles grow, often reaching adult size within a year or two. It is cruel and inhumane to house an animal in an enclosure that is too small. It not only causes severe stress which leads to illness and behavioral problems – it also makes taming and working with territorial species that much more difficult.